Utah Road Trip

We’re in the middle of nowhere. It’s night. There’s a sandstorm outside. Can we call it that? High winds of 35 mph with gusts of up to 50 mph. Earlier my tent looked like the Utah desert went through it with sand all over our sleeping pads and bags. We decided to put the car seats down and make camp in the back of the car.

I’ve slept in a bivy sack in the snow, as well as in between two airline check-in kiosks, hostels, fancy hotels, in huts, on couches, on a cot in an airplane terminal, and have gone backpacking, car camping (aka tent right outside the car), etc. but this was the first time I’ve actually camped in the car. Heck, why not. And there’s something cool about looking up through the trunk window when it’s pitched black and you see the Big Dipper.

Right now though we’re watching WESTWORLD on an iPhone. Pretty much feels like we’re in the show cause they filmed it around the Grand Staircase Escalante annnd the characters keep bringing up Escalante, Utah which currently is the nearest town to us.

Peter, Maria, Weisen and I decided to head to Utah. Outline of our trip! (if you want to copy its awesomeness):

Friday: 7ish hour drive from Tahoe to Sacramento Pass. Went for a 2 mile walk. Set up my tent and we camped overnight.

Saturday: Highway 50 is named the Loneliest Road in America and we know why. Let’s just say, I wouldn’t want to get stuck there – there is noooo one on that road. We blasted nostalgia tunes (think 90s), singing to Goo Goo Dolls, Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182, Wonderful, and more. Hiked: Cassidy Trail. 5.17 miles. 565 ft elevation gain. Wow, wow, wow – first time seeing this view!

Sunday: Bryce Canyon National Park. Definitely one of my favorite national parks! 9.65 mile hike. 1,700 ft elevation gain. Queens Garden trail → Queen Victoria → Peekaboo trail → Bryce Point → Rim trail → Inspiration Point → Rim trail → Sunset Point  → Rim trail → Sunrise Point. So worth it. Absolutely breathtaking! Also briefly went to Rainbow Point but it was meh and had to go back to get to camp in time.

Not a bad view from our tent:

Monday: Escalante Natural Bridge hike. 3.81 miles and 140 ft elevation gain (flat). It included 11 river crossings! aka you’re either going to wear water shoes or take off your hiking shoes each time and go barefoot in, which is what we did. And you’re trekking in sand, so you’re moving pretty darn slow.

Later that day we hiked to Lower Calf Creek Falls. 7 miler. 412 ft elevation gain (another flat one). So nice to go in the water (just the feet) when we got there cause it was a hot one and the water was freezing!

Tuesday: Capitol Reef National Park. Hiked the Grand Wash Trail via the Northeast trailhead. 2,691 ft elevation gain. Saw a snake. So much wind in the first part of the hike but it was only one section.

Then did the scenic drive.

Wednesday. Peekaboo, Spooky Canyons and the Narrows. 7.10 mile hike. 667 ft elevation gain.

Our night time view from the campsite was pretty great. Stars galore!

Thursday: Big Horn Canyon hike. 6.65 miles. 318 ft elevation gain. This was a lot of fun, but exhausting hiking in the sand and felt like, are we there yet?! Even though we had gorgeous views the entire time.

Later that day, Weisen and I went to another area which we always drove through and hiked just over a mile, mainly for the views.

Friday: Great Basin National Park. Baker Creek trailhead. Hiked 3.55 miles. 1,332 ft elevation gain. This park is not worth it. We were nearby so figured we’d check it out. And also did the scenic drive. “This is definitely a scenic lookout … I’m guessing.”

Drove back to Tahoe – 11 hour drive!

Saturday: Tahoe hike! 4.65 miles. 1,212 ft elevation gain. Made it to the chairlift!

Later went for a 3.5 mile run.

Sunday: Biked with Weisen 13.1 miles. 1,270 ft elevation gain. Later that day I did another 4 miler run and then 50 burpees 😛

Monday: Granite Chief Trail hike. 4.82 miles. 1,305 ft elevation gain. Also attempted to bike again but got a flat tire and my shoe fell apart. I gorilla glued it back together and it seems to work again.

Last night in Tahoe:

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