Spring has Sprung in Napa

After a week of officially moving in to my new home in California, I noticed the magnet on my fridge which used to be on my door in Boston.  There it was again, the words glowing at me: “…good company, good wine, good welcome, can make good people.” – Sir Henry Guildford: Henry VIII, I, iv.  Yes, I am a Shakespeare fan (more so for his comedies) and I always try to squeeze in a Shakespeare play at the Globe when I journey back to London – watching as a groundling which is the best “seat” in the theatre except the next day your legs are certainly sore.  And there, Shakespeare was telling me to go to Napa Valley with my mum.  #thanksmomforhelpingmemovein

We journeyed on over, first to Sausalito where it was pitch black on a Friday night, but one could still see the lit Golden Gate Bridge.  The next morning the sun was shining, hikers were coming back from an early workout, and dogs were running across the open field.

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge – view from Sausalito, CA

The next day was a drive down the Silverado Trail, famous for its wineries and scenic route.  It was nice to chill out in Napa Valley all while taking in the beautiful view.  We stopped at Mumm Napa – thought it was fit for the occasion 🙂 – and they had a saying that “Spring has Sprung in Napa.”

Mumm Napa
Mumm Napa – Winery in Napa Valley

Spring has certainly sprung.  A new season in the Bay area has arrived and ready for the adventures ahead.

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