Smile! You’re on Candid Camera!

Okay, first, gotta go back in time a day or so. When we started to board our plane for Ushuaia, it felt like we were in a senior citizen home. Standing in front of me was a lovely lady who looked like she was 80, and behind me was a line of, as Kim would say, “seasoned” folks, with a guy moving as slow as molasses. I learned from Kathy and Derward in the taxi that a lot of people who are planning to die decide to use their $$ to go on cruises. It’s like a senior citizen home in the water! They’re fed, taken care of…it’s all good. And that’s why the death rate on cruises is so high…they decide to board a cruise rather than go in assisted living. So here we were, three 26 year olds about to board a plane with all these old people around us planning to go to Antarctica. “Oh, we’re on the Circle Line Cruise!” one lady said. “Oh thank God,” Kathleen whispered.

When Kim first called a tour company, the tour person on the other line was going through her whole pitch when all of a sudden she asked Kim, “So you sound really young, do you mind if I ask what your age is?” And then Kim found out that that specific “cruise” didn’t cater to our demographic.

But little did we know…

December 10, 2013

Today we arrived to the meeting spot at 3:30. Prior to going though we decided to get 3 small bottles of 1) the local liquor 2) whiskey and 3) vodka because according to Kathleen and Kim, you got to have a drink on every single continent. I asked the guy behind the counter about the chocolate and he ended up giving it to me for free. So now I have some local Argentinian chocolate in my backpack…yum. At the meeting spot of One Ocean Expeditions, we were surrounded by people from China. Asian filled tour. Maybe I’ll blend in. Maybe not. Many people think I’m Japanese, or Chinese, or Spanish, or Hawaiian, or Greek. On the Vavilov (including passengers, staff and crew) for this trip, there are 49 from China, 32 US citizens, 10 Canadians, 6 Brits, 4 Aussies, 3 Filipinos, 2 Argentineans, 2 Indians, 1 Italian, 1 Swede, 1 New Zealander, 1 Irish, and 42 Russian crewmembers. We boarded our boat and went to the welcome cocktail hour (more like 1/2 hour) where the staff had a boat and safety overview. And out came the cameras. And then I turned my head slightly and all of a sudden two passengers were taking pictures of me, Kathleen and Kim. Smile! We all then boarded the Sergei Vavilov.

One thing they called out was how there’s no lock on each cabin door. Yep, we saw that too. Kathleen was a bit worried that someone might take our stuff. But, if you think about it, we’re all in the same boat…haha…okay kidding, but that’s also just the reality. We do have the smallest cabin in the ship; it’s like the size of my closet of a room in London, but with 3 beds instead. One staff member said only one person will be able to stand at a time. Oh well, we didn’t come here to spend all our time in the in the cabin. And that also means that no one would go in to take our stuff.

Here’s our view from the port hole:

Overall, there’s a great mix of people on the cruise. G said that he thinks there will be 3 groups: the ones who are fast, the ones who just care about taking pictures all day long, and then the ones who will leisurely take their time. He said that we need to follow FOLO: First On the land each day, and Last Off. Reminds me of TOFU and BOFU from marketing.

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