Good Morning Vaviloooooovvvvv!!!

December 19, 2013

Bright and early this morning a group of passengers met in front of the reception desk.

We were ready to do this. G had purchased the 7:30 am morning wake up call at the auction and here’s what we said:

G: Good morning Vaviloooovvvv!!!! This is Captain G-Dawg speaking with my crew and we’ve taken over the ship! Arrrr!!!! It is Thursday, December 19th. The temperature outside is 303 Kelvin, and the wind speed in Nautical Knots is 13 1/2 hitches.

Nicole (me): First of all, there has been a change to today’s program and we will now be having karaoke all, day, long. So get your singing voices ready and join us in the lounge! Over to John.

John playing John Dudeney: This is John speaking and we’ve run into atmospheric events affecting all camera memory cards. You must protect your cards by placing them under your pillow and jumping around your pillow on one leg. Over to Simon.

British Steve playing Simon: Simon here. Some reallllly exciting news. Off the port bow, we have sighted the extremely rare great northern albashagatrel. Now this species can only be found in this part of the Drake Passage so you really can’t miss this. Come on up to the bridge and keep an eye out for this gorgeous feathered specimen.

Ash: Alright Vavilov penguins, this is Gus with the morning breakfast menu. We got green penguin eggs and ham. Would you like that Sam I am? We got some delicious krill soup and marinated algae with a side of fresh baked guano cookie. So breakfast will be at 8:00 in the dining room. Come down, we got the best seal bacon in town.

G: And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, wake up, have a great last day on the Drake Passage and we are going to now serenade you with a little bit of wake up music to kick off our all day karaoke. Arrrr!!!!

We then played right away…

“Wake me up before you go go!!”

Yep. We rocked. Jess and Kim even did the translation in Chinese for our fellow passengers.

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