Off to Italy

If I was to ever get stuck overnight in an airport again I would definitely hope it to be in Frankfurt.

I had arrived. The flight seemed a lot faster than 11 hours. I sat next to Philip, a really cool Austrian guy about my age or a couple years older who had traveled to SF for business for a couple of weeks. We chatted, watched a movie, and then I was out. He woke me up when breakfast was served but I was so exhausted, I just said “no thanks.”

“What’s your gate?” Philip asked me as we were off the plane. “A4, yours?” “Not sure yet.” Mine was taking off in an hour, his in two hours. “Have a great time!” he said.

I walked in the direction of gate A4 and kept going, and going, and going.  A23, A22, A21, A20.  The airport was so clean, so polished, and a cute cafe type of eatery at each gate with “organic juices,” “fresh baked goods,” “panini sandwiches,” and more. Oh, and pretzels. Yumm. So yes, if I was to get stuck in an airport again like what happened in Dallas, Texas, this would be it.

I found my gate, got some food, then immediately had to board. But before doing so, I noticed a Nespresso coffee machine at our gate. So cute:


2nd flight from Frankfurt to Florence: I passed out. Asleep the whole time pretty much. I woke up and looked outside and it was gorgeous. We were just about to land.

From the flight

I got my suitcase and took a taxi to Joely & Mark’s AirBnB apartment in Florence. Super good to see them! We chatted away and then left for dinner.  We walked a lot!  And it felt great to be outside moving my legs. We also saw the Florence Cathedral which is beautiful.

Duomo Florence Cathedral

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