Paris and Copenhagen: Robin’s 40th!

One of my best friends was turning 40 and he messaged Indy and I that he wanted to run the Paris Marathon for his birthday.  Paris, and Copenhagen: “I’ll show you around my city!” Robin told us.

OMG I was so in. I’d never been to Denmark before and it was on my list. Plus going with two of my best friends?! Soooo…in.

“Guys, I’m going to bring only a carry-on,” I texted them.  I was pretty much traumatized by my experience in the Amalfi Coast when they lost my luggage for 6 days.  I got it the day before I left when the airline had no idea where it was – Paris, Naples, someone’s home of the person who stole it? But it wasn’t the clothes I cared much about. It was my journal with entries in there since 2009. Since then I recommend to everyone to go with carryon if they can, and if they can’t well buy a luggage tracker (I use LugLoc) #worthit and bring at least 2 days of clothing in your carryon with you. I also value my time and don’t like to wait for suitcases to come out 😉


I worked from the Google Paris office for a few days. Took the Metro there from where we stayed and the food in the office is amazing!  Though all my colleagues were telling me that the London office was much better. But, a cheese spread — ooo la la, le fromage! And a juicer where you can create your own juice, and more! J’ai aimé toute la nourriture! (hopefully that translates right, I haven’t taken French for a while). Plus working from the office had it’s bonus points – I normally have at the minimum 5 meetings a day and sometimes up to 10. So while working abroad I only had a couple per day for those three days I was there plus working hours that everyone in the USA were asleep, so it was nice to catch up on projects and emails. The work week though soon came to an end and the weekend arrived. Robin had invited friends from all over: obviously Barbara and Indy, Marcus, Signe who I hadn’t seen for a while and it was great seeing her and her family, my parents, Clare, Ben, Elisabeth, Rasmus, Bolette and Kenneth. We all ate a pasta dinner the day before the race and 4 of the guys: Robin, Indy, Marcus and Rasmus ran the race. I had Indy and Robin on Find My Friends – Indy flew by us and we missed him (he must have been in a group though) and Robin we saw and cheered. That night we had dinner near the Louvre – super fancy! And it was lots of fun and food was delicious. Plus more cocktails afterward.


A visit wasn’t complete though without seeing Jurei. It had been years since we last saw each other! When I was 13 years old I went to camp in Switzerland and met her there (as well as her twin sister Saya). It was so incredibly great catching up as adults as well as hearing about her work which sounds amazing. I would love to have a reunion with her, Saya, Rama, Soraya, Nadeen and more of our friends.


We then went to Copenhagen. Robin and Barbara gave us a tour (for a few days!)


Sebastian met up with us in Copenhagen. We went to the top of the Rundetaarn, saw the outside of the Rosenborg Castle and visited the park, saw the Kastellet, and visited Christianshavn.




We walked a lot, ate good food (the bread and butter is so incredibly delicious) and had a great time. So great vacaing with friends and family 🙂



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