Mendocino – Happy July 4th!

My little red mini trekked all the way to Mendocino after battling some traffic on the route there. Andrew, Lisa and I had our Kombucha and granola for the ride up. We arrived and met my parents at a house we had rented. The view was absolutely gorgeous and the sun was beginning to set when we arrived:


Our weekend included eating a lot of delicious salmon (I think I had my dose of Omega 3’s), relaxation and long walks along the beach. Hahahaha. Okay, long walks along the ocean. It was nice to wake up super early and go for a walk with my mom on the rocks, or catch up with my dad when he was grilling a meal. And to be with 2 amazing friends the whole weekend. The 5 of us walked the rocks, saw the seals nearby and breathed in the fresh air. Total chill weekend.


Lisa, me and Andrew


momdadme mom topofworld

We hiked through Russian Gulch State Park and the next day Andrew, Lisa and I ran the route. It was my first real time running on my feet after taking 2 months off due to injury.


On Saturday (day after July 4th) we went into town to see the fireworks. Talk about small town fireworks. LOL. The family sitting next to us was a bit unimpressed by the show, but to be honest, it was fun! Overall great weekend.

Waiting for the fireworks
Waiting for the fireworks

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