2018: A Year of Travel

i want to travel
across the world
and breathe the air
of new places


As I look back on 2018 my year was full of adventures and amazing experiences. New people and places I’ve never been to, as well as good times with good friends (old and new). I’ve had a love of travel since I was young, and till this day feel like it’s the pages of a passport that form some of the greatest memories.

We all love our homes – and for me that’s been New Hampshire, Washington D.C., Boston, and now for the past 6 years San Francisco. But it’s when we journey outside of our comfort zone to places we’ve never been and meeting people we’ve never met, that we grow. Home is where the heart is right? And my heart has always been to explore.

At first, when I came back from all my trips this year, the first word that came to mind was “grateful” – me being grateful to live in a warm place rather than depending on a hot Nalgene bottle to keep me warm in my sleeping bag during the freezing nights, and being able to take a hot shower whenever I wanted versus showering every 4 days. But immediately when I came back from this last trip, I had a sense of “I want to be there again.” It was that same place in Nepal, that you’d often see guides and sherpas say “namaste.” And it wasn’t done in the sense of a “hey, how’s it going,” or a fist pump, but instead in a genuine way where it was a let me stop in the middle of the trail and shake hands for more than just a second, say that greeting, and really mean it – this sense of, I really care for how you are.

And it’s then that it really sunk in more. That yes, we all live different lives, but my way of life is not better than someone else’s; and to some places I’ve been, the people who live there may think about my life, “I could never live in a city with that many people or with technology always buzzing around me.”

We’re all human, and what matters most is to treat people with kindness, love, and respect.

From each place, I’ve gained new memories, met amazing people, gained a new perspective. Travel has become more of #mystory shaping who I am today.

So let’s keep going on more adventures. And if my word for 2018 was “travel” I’m curious on what it’ll be for this coming year. Here’s a recap:

A good friend once told me to write a letter to yourself at the end of each year – with your memories of those 365 days, the relationships you’ve formed, the trips you’ve had, achievements as well as challenges you went through, and set some goals for the next year. Seal that letter, and open it a year later. It’s cool to see how far you’ve come, how much stronger you became as a person, and whether those goals have changed over that course of time. I’d say try it out! 😉

Here’s to 2019🥂

2 thoughts on “2018: A Year of Travel

  1. Wow, Nicole – you’ve had an awesome year, and it’s been fabulous to live it vicariously through your posts! Your love of adventure is inspiring, and your willingness to push your boundaries.
    Richard and I are off on another cruise – Southampton to Singapore (through Suez, Middle East etc), then another Asian cruise Singapore to Cambodia/Vietnam/Thailand and return. Your post has reminded me why we travel😊.
    Look forward to what you may do in 2019.

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