It’s a Nashville Partay

Nothing like a birthday than one in music city USA. Sora and I met thru West Valley Track Club / JP Morgan Corporate Challenge…that’s another story 😂, have gone on runs together, and journeyed to Peru to hike the Machu Picchu trail. So what was next with the friend in your life who makes you laugh like there’s no tomorrow when catching up over cocktails and dinner?! Her birthday in Nashville.

I had never been and Katie, my best friend since we were 7 (let’s just say we’ve called each other twins for the longest time, grown up together memorizing lines of The Parent Trap, went through all of elementary and high school together, discovered ways of skipping part of track practice, journeyed on ski trips to Stowe, VT, and always an amazing friend I could call to say “hi” and catch up on life even if we hadn’t chatted for a while) agreed to join. I was so excited.

Katie and I met at the airport and later that night went over to drinks and dinner where we got to meet Matt and more of Sora’s friends.

The next day we all met at Dino’s – East Nashville’s oldest dive bar, shopped at a vintage shop, visited the Country Music Hall of Fame (saw Taylor Swift’s guitar), went boot shopping (took a few places but Katie was convinced we would find me some and when I asked her before the trip whether she had some she said, “I’m married to a Texan, so yes I do!” haha), and then some country dancing which was a blast and I’d say Sora, Katie and I did our best to keep up with the experts.

We also went mural hopping – sooo many of these and they’re beautiful!

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