RoHo Gets Married

New York, New York!

I took the subway from JFK to the middle of New York City. There was no way I was going to take a taxi. Google Maps told me it was an hour via taxi and it was just a little longer via public transportation – there was no way I was going to spend an arm and a leg. I got on the subway and people started pushing and being sort of rude. Gah! “I don’t think I like New York and I’m not even off the transit yet!” I messaged Rosner. His reply: “Ha me either.” Now I know why they moved from NYC to San Francisco. It’s been a while since I had visited NYC, and I was now used to the super chill vibe of SF. Don’t get me wrong, I love New York, and actually had a fab time visiting. And their wedding was pretty awesome 🙂

The next day I went for a run along the Hudson River. It was pretty nice and a great way to see more of New York. But oh, the smells. Hmmm.

New York run

I then met up with Esther for brunch at Cookshop. Esther is my mom’s cousin and it was the first time we say each other since Diana (her sister) got married – basically, it’s been years. And even then I hardly knew her. We had a BLAST. She is super funny. We talked about everything. Esther was a total tour guide, showing me so much of New York – we walked along High Line, got ice cream at Chelsea Market, and kept walking and talking. She’s like my long lost sister. We then met up with Diana and Khoa after getting a caffeine boost and then headed out again.


We walked to Central Park and did the rent-a-bike where we saw the whole park via bike.


We also got our nails done, and went out for an amazing meal. Awesome time with my cousins.


The next day was Alex and Joy’s wedding. It was spectacular. They did a GREAT job – it was just a really good time. And I remember that’s what Joy said she wanted it to be. The ceremony was perfect. And the dancing was a ton of fun. So happy for both of them! They’re such a great match. And so grateful to have such good friends.


It was great catching up with Ruth and Vivian again!


And, it was like being back at The LSE. Schultz was there, George of course, Chou who I hadn’t seen in years, and Teddy. I met Ryan for the first time, and Jared as well. We danced, and rocked the photo booth (I proposed dancing through the photo booth for some reason…LOL).

photobooth photobooth2 photobooth3

The next morning I flew out and headed back to SF, working on BoxWorks work the whole way back – because we were going to have a stellar event.

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