J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge

Box participated in the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge again this year. We had a great turnout and it was a ton of fun.

Box team

It’s a lot of organizing over the course of a few months! I helped Brooke organize this year, and I didn’t realize how much work goes into it, but definitely totally worth it.

Here we are rocking our Box t-shirts.

Box Group

I finished at 22:08 according to the race results (pace of 6:37 min/mile) for 3.35 miles, but according to my Garmin, I ran 3.43 miles for 22:10 with a pace of 6:28 min/mile.  Last year was shorter and I got a 24:14 (pace of 6:56 min/mile) so overall improvement.

A bunch of people sent me this photo that appeared on the J.P. Morgan site:


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