Santorini in a postcard


Santorini was another one on the bucket list. Beautiful place. Delicious, Mediterranean food. Blue. Blue. Blue.


And that’s what it was. So much white and so much blue. The best place by far was Oía, but it’s good to note that you really have to go there super early in the morning.

So what to do when you visit Santorini?

Group cruise – and make sure it’s a sunset cruise!  There were 16 (awesome) people on our cruise, we saw the sunset (so incredibly gorgeous), and dined in as they cooked on the boat.


Pyrgos – a little bit of a quieter village. Especially compared to the touristy Fira.


Oía – not going to Oía would be like not going to the Colosseum or the Trevi Fountain in Rome.  It’s a must. And it’s gorgeous. But be aware that it gets super touristy during the day. So either a) catch a 6:00 – 7:00 am bus and go in the morning (best suggestion) or b) go during a day where a cruise isn’t coming in town.


Visit a winery – I loved Argyros. And really wish I brought back the Vinsanto (the one I liked tasted like butterscotch) #ohsogood

Akrotiri – Volcanic eruption in 1627 BC. Recommend taking a tour!  You’ll get to hear all about the history and hear how people lived their daily lives.


Eat. Read. Relax. #repeat #eateateat


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